I have 14 years experience from the oil industry and have extensive knowledge in operations and terminology used within this industry. Approximately 6 years hands on experience offshore. Further on 8 years onshore within subsea design and operations planning including creating procedures for the same.

In November 2014, after 18 months employment, I ended my job as a Subsea engineer for the Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA). I desired more to work using my language skills.

During employment for the authorities I was responsible for the delivery and proofreading/editing of a Subsea report that now is part of the curriculum for Subsea studies at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

Besides that I have also published my own poetry book in English as I still feel this is my native language despite the fact that i have lived most of my life in Norway.

I was raised in English speaking schools in Singapore (Changi) and Scotland (Banchory, outside Aberdeen) from the age of 3 to 10 and had to learn Norwegian when i returned to Norway in 1980. I therefore speak and write both languages well and pick up spelling mistakes easily.

About me

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